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Dec. 2013- Sept. 2014 

I haven’t been obsessed with keeping up with the scale. I actually dont know the weight difference is between these two photos. A friend told me I was looking slim so I needed to take a look. How I feel and how loose my clothes are reminds me why I decided to change my lifestyle.


It’s as if fall is slowly creeping up and taking over summer like a beautiful disease

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talk about perspective. shit.

Fucking hell.

I remember the first time I saw a map of Africa to scale. My jaw dropped.

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shockingly, kids are sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars for overpriced stacks of paper!!!!!! who wouldve thought!!!!!!

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Tony Hansberry II was a ninth-grader. The new sewing technique he has developed helps to to reduce the risk of complications and simplifies the hysterectomy procedure for less seasoned surgeons.

His goal is to attend medical school and become a neurosurgeon. For Tony, it all began in school. He attends Darnell-Cookman School of the Medical Arts, a medical magnet school for middle and high schoolstudents. As part of its integrated medical curriculum, students receive medical instruction, but are also exposed to medical professionals who demonstrate advanced surgical techniques with specialized equipment. His lead medical teacher, Angela TenBroeck, told the Florida Times-Union that Hansberry is a typical student, but is way ahead of his classmates when it comes to surgical skills “I would put him up against a first year medical student. He is an outstanding young man,” she said.

During his summer break, Tony volunteered at the University of Florida’s Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research (CSESaR) at Shands Jacksonville Hospital. He was supervised by Dr. Brent Siebel, a urogynecologist, and Bruce Nappi, the administrative director. Together they worked with Tony exploring the mannequins and simulation equipment that physicians and nurses use in training. He became quite interested in invasive surgery and using laparoscopic instruments. As the story goes, one day an obstetrics and gynecology professor asked the group to help him figure out why no one was using a particular surgical device, called an endostitch for hysterectomy suturing procedures. This long medical device has clamps on the end, but Tony used the instrument in a new way allowing for vertical suturing, instead of the traditional horizontal method. After two days, Tony had perfected and tested his new technique. He soon developed a science fair project comparing the suturing times of the vertical endostitch closures vs the horizontal closures using a conventional needle driver instrument.

His results showed he was able to stitch three times faster using this new method. Use of this inventive technique may lead to shorter surgical times and improved patient treatment. 

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Neurons want food

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A son went into a rarely-used bedroom in his mother’s home and discovered thousands of wasps had made a giant nest in a bed. An estimated 5,000 wasps had created a nest by chewing through bedding, including a blanket and pillow. Pest-control expert John Birkett was called to tackle with the mound of wasps inside the mattress at the five-bedroom home in Winchester, Hampshire.

How rarely used? 5,000 wasps?

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Here is one of the ancient documents dating to 1950 bce at Beni Hassan tombs in Middle Kingdom Kemet. It is a great document of the nature of the Beige-Aryans’ initial immigration into Black lands. It shows the immigration of the beige-aryans (whom the Kemetics referred to as Namu or “dwellers of barren land”) at the top being let into Lower Kemet by the African race (underneath, i.e., supporting them) in order to eat and gain nourishment. This was not a scene of powerful Asiatics coming in to overcome mighty Kemet. The only might the Beige-Aryans had was in their cunning deceit and tricknology when they came in hungry yet used their hosts’ compassion against them. Know your history Afrakan.

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Albert Jonas and John Xiniwe of the African Choir, 1891.

Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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say it!!!!

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Soft #TBT : Frank Ocean - We All Try | nostalgia,ULTRA 🙏



Bois, ever wondered how to properly tie a bow tie? It’s not as hard as you may think. A few years ago I thought it could be challenging to tie a bowtie until I made the leap. Since then, I find it hard NOT to wear a bow tie I didn’t have to tie myself.  Check out this video and try it for yourself. Don’t forget to take a picture and send it to us. 


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